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Tratamiento Balneari Prats


Hydrotherapy is the use of water for therapeutic purposes. This method is used to prevent, improve and cure some diseases. The thermal waters used at the Hotel Balneari Prats at Caldes de Malavella are full of medicinal minerals, and it spring from the source at a temperature between 56 and 60ºC.

Tratamiento Balneari Prats


Set of therapeutic techniques applied to the body through the mechanical pressure of the hands. It provides a sedative and relaxing effect, indicated to release muscle tension and pain in general.


Tratamiento Balneari Prats

mud therapy

Mud therapy is a treatment that consists of applying a mixture of paraffin and hot mineral mud in order to combat arthritic disorders and muscle pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and relaxing effects.

Tratamiento Balneari Prats


The Balneari Prats offers, among its services, aesthetic or beauty treatments where different body and facial techniques are applied to help to improve the appearance of the skin and restore its health and natural beauty.

Piscina - Balneario Prats

thermal programs

The thermal programs are designed to benefit from the medicinal properties from the minerals found in our thermal water. For this reason, each of them uses at least one hydrotherapy technique. You can choose one treatment or another depending on the benefit you want to achieve in your body: health, relaxation or beauty.

Tratamiento Balneari Prats

Author treatments

These are multi-sensory well-being rituals that awaken the emotions of the recipient. They’re the result from the understanding the properties of our treatments, both on a physical and emotional level. The physical and emotional treatment that the person receives leads to experiencing new sensations that provide multiple benefits.

Spa Treatments

We invite you to explore the variety of treatments that we offer, providing you with the best ways to relax, unwind and feel energized and alive

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