Thermal Programs

Thermal Programs

Balneari Prats offers five thermal programs to choose that suits your needs, comforts and desires. Health, relaxation and beauty, come and renew yourself in Balneari Prats, we assure you a unique and unrepeatable experience!

All programs include bathrobe and slippers.

Thermal Programs


It includes: pressure shower or bubble bath, general massage, clay wrap and massage shower.

Price159 /person.

Getting in shape

It includes: Pressure shower- Shiatsu-Bubble bath with essences – Reflexotherapy.



It includes: Pressure shower- neurosedative massage.

Price85  /person.


It includes: Pressure shower-Body peeling (sauna or bubble bath and moisturizing massage) -Seaweed bath-Active facial hygiene.

Price165 /person.


It includes: Pressure shower-Lymphatic drainage-Clay wrap-Partial massage.

Price169 /person.

Thermal Break - Thermal program on the day

It includes: Horizontal shower – bubble bath – Menu of the day (water and glass of wine included).

Price€59 /person.