Thermal water

Natural water that flows up to almost 60º with highly healthy minerals and trace elements

Thermal waters

A source of health

The healing properties of the thermal waters of Caldes de Malavella are known since the beginning of the Roman Empire.

At Hotel Balneari Prats you can enjoy the following properties of thermal water: stimulation of gastric secretion, favoring the action of pancreatic enzymes and the emulsifying power of bile, improving the condition of people with nutritive disorders, such as gout, lithiasis uric, obesity, diabetes and some rheumatism.

The water of the Balneari Prats springs at a temperature between 56 and 60 ºC, with a mineralogical and chemical bicarbonated sodium, alkaline, lithic and fluorinated chemical composition. It contains silicon, lithium, aluminum, calcium, potassium and manganese.

Without a doubt, a source of health