A manual therapeutic technique with a sedative and relaxing effect, indicated to lighten muscle contractions and pain in general. It is carried out by applying mechanical pressure with the hands over the body, alleviating or eliminating pain, augmenting the general sensation of vitality, improving the state of animation, eliminating fatigue and bringing psychic-physical well-being.psíquico-físico.

Our team of therapists will assess you, guide you and pamper you at every moment with our exclusive massage and complementary therapies.

Below are listed the different types of complementary therapy which we offer at the Thermal Centre at the Hotel Balneari Prats in Caldes de Malavella.


Partial Massage

25-minute massage, specifically for this area of the body which accumulate more stress and fatigue.

Price: 39 €
Duration: 30 minutes

Child Massage

Soft hydration for all the body, aimed at minors.

Price: 39 €
Price 30 minutes

Cranio-cervical massage

Manual massage that helps us release accumulated tensions of neck, shoulders and head. Its effect ensures a state of relaxation, helping to restore the balance of the nervous system.

Price: 39 €
Duration: 25 minutes


Pressure massage of various parts of the feet which are associated to different parts of the body. The effect is to stimulate all systems (nervous, digestive, circulatory) and balance energies.

Price: 39 €
Duration: 30 minutes

General Massage

Manual therapeutic technique with a relaxing effect or a specific effect for eliminating physical body pain. Suitable for stress, for the skin, for the nervous, circulatory and muscular systems, among other benefits.

Price: 59 €
Duration: 60 minutes

Geothermal Massage

Revitalising and energising massage, combining the pleasure of massage with the effect of hot stones. Each stone, at a pre-determined temperature, is aimed at specific points of the body, at the Shakras. Ideal for chronic pain, muscular tension, ill-health of the shoulder and neck, reducing stress.

Price: 65 €
Duration: 50 minutes

Bamboo Massage

The bamboo massage is a technique that helps eliminate toxins, improves blood circulation and lymphatic, fights cellulite and reshapes the silhouette.

Price: 65 €
Duration: 50 minutes

Lymphatic Drainage

Soft body massage of the lymphatic circulation, assisting metabolism and immune system. Helps with the retention of liquids, obesity, and assists in surgical and postoperative inflammatory processes.

Price: 75€
Duration: 60 minutes

Neurosedative Massage

Very soft manual massage, performed with oil, which work with the neuro-parasympathetic system, which is responsible for psychic stress.

Price: 59€
Duration: 60 minutes


Massage of Japanese origin, is an energetic, physical and mental regulatory treatment, that major meridians of the body are worked on restoring balance to the body.

Price: 65€
Duration: 50 minutes

Four hands massage

The four hands massage is a great therapeutic massage performed by two therapists perfectly synchronized, which provides the person who receives it total relaxation with a unique feel. It can receive all types of public, especially people with stress, nervousness, contractures, anxiety, etc.
Price: 120€
Duration: 60 minutes

Anti-cellulite massage

A slimming treatment that stimulates the loss of centimetres and reduces the appearance of orange peel skin. Bamboo plays an important role as it is used to make a mechanical model that intensifies the slimming action, together with the manual techniques of the therapy team at the Spa Centre. This treatment involves active ingredients with lyptolic and reaffirming properties.
Price: 75€
Duration: 50 minuts

Special couples

Relaxing and wellness massage designed to share with your partner in an environment with a very special charm. It is accompanied by a glass of cava.

Price: 145€
Duration: 45 minutes