"A source of health"

Hydrotherapy is the use of water for therapeutic purposes, it is one of the oldest methods used to prevent, improve and cure various conditions especially in the locomotor system, respiratory system, dermal system and digestive system.

Hydrotherapy has been developing and becoming more important, due to the recognition of water as a therapeutic agent in different fields of application and depending on the characteristics of the water used.

The thermal waters of the Hotel Balneari Prats de Caldes de Malavella, are mineral-medicinal and flow between 56 and 60 º C of the source with a mineralogical and chemical bicarbonate chemistry, sodium, alkaline, lithic and fluorinated. It also contains silicon, lithium, aluminum, calcium, potassium and manganese. These characteristics confer therapeutic properties such as the stimulation of gastric secretion, the promotion of the action of pancreatic enzymes and the emulsifying power of bile, or the effectiveness to improve the condition of people with nutritive disorders, such as gout, uric lithiasis , obesity, diabetes and certain rheumatisms, among other properties.



Thermal water pool

Outdoor heated pool of mineral-medicinal thermal water with therapeutic effects due to its properties. It is kept at a temperature of 34º C. It can be used throughout the year. We advise for health reasons not to prolong the bath more than two hours

Price: Free guests/Clients not staying: 10 euros /person.

Duration: Can be used throughout the day, according to the established schedule / Clients not accommodated: two hours


Water circuit

Outdoor thermal pool 1 hour, bubble bath and circular shower

Price: 32,5 €

Duration: two hours aprox.

Thermal water baths

Thermal water baths with analgesic action and muscle relaxant, indicated in anti-stress treatments. Possibility of choosing between bubble baths of algae, essences and hydromassage.

Price: 13€

Duration: 15 minutes

Finnish sauna

Indicated to eliminate toxins and vasodilator action. Also to enhance the effect of any subsequent treatment.

Price: 15€

Duration: 20 minutes


Vaporization and spraying with water and eucalyptus making a decongestant and bronchodilator effect of the respiratory tract.

Price: 7€

Duration: 8 minutes

Circular shower

Application of various thermal water pressure jets that arise from a circular structure at different heights, with relaxing and invigorating effect.

Price: 13€

Duration: 8 minutes

Pressure shower "Scottish"

Shower that alternates jets of water at different temperatures to tone, activate and reaffirm all parts of the body.

Price: 16€

Duration: 10 minutes

Massage shower "vittel"

Manual massage performed by a therapist with different thermal water showers on the body. Of relaxing and toning properties, indicated to combat stress.

Price: 39€

Duration: 25 minutes

Horizontal shower

Application of thermal water through different showers throughout the body, horizontally on a stretcher. Relaxing and sedative effects.

Price: 13€

Duration: 8 minutes