Espai Aquae in Caldes de Malavella

Espai Aquae in Caldes de Malavella

Espai Aquae in Caldes de Malavella: An immersion in the natural and cultural heritage through thermal water

Located in the ancient castle of Caldes, Espai Aquae is more than a museum: it is a 400 m² center dedicated to transmitting the rich natural and cultural heritage of Caldes de Malavella through thermal water. Water, as a vital resource, is presented here as a vehicle to understand and appreciate the unique history of the town of Caldes de Malavella, located in the province of Girona, in Catalonia.

Espai Aquae is divided into five thematic spaces, each of which delves into a different aspect of the region's relationship with water:

1. “Land of Volcanoes”: A journey through the relationship between volcanic activity and the creation of hot springs, revealing how the geology and biodiversity of the region have been influenced by volcanoes.

2. “Special Waters”: An exploration of the unique properties of the region's hot springs, highlighting their mineral composition and the health benefits they are believed to provide.

3. “The Human Use of Water”: A journey through the history of human use of water, illustrating how this vital resource has shaped our civilization and cultures over time.

4. “The Water Industry”: A vision of the history and evolution of the water industry in Caldes de Malavella, from the exploitation of thermal springs to the modern bottled water industry.

5. “Workshops and Research”: A space dedicated to education and research, where visitors can participate in interactive workshops and collaborate on current scientific research.

At the end of the tour, there is a special area for the little ones, where they can have the opportunity to become archaeologists, working on a reproduction of an excavation of a complete bovid.

On the upper floor, an audiovisual is presented that shows the work carried out at Camp dels Ninots, as well as the laboratory where the samples collected during each campaign are processed. Visitors can see authentic materials dating back 3.2 million years.

With this rich educational and cultural offer, Espai Aquae serves as a window to the past, a laboratory of the present and a source of inspiration for the future. Whatever your passion – history, geology, archeology or the science of water – Espai Aquae in Caldes de Malavella promises you an enriching and unforgettable experience.

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